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Linseed oil is used in paints as

[A]. thinner
[B]. vehicle
[C]. base
[D]. drier.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Subinsekhar said: (Oct 21, 2014)  
Linseed oil is used as vehicle. Linseed oil is a common carrier used in oil paint. It can also be used as a painting medium, making oil paints more fluid, transparent and glossy.

Rathi said: (Nov 26, 2014)  
Linseed oil is obtained from flax seeds. Uses and health benefits of linseed oil. Boiled linseed oil is used for paints and wood finish as it dries quickly.

Piyush said: (Aug 27, 2016)  
Linseed oil is used in a vehicle.

Danny Pote said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
I think, the answer is vehicle.

Rupal said: (Nov 11, 2016)  
Linseed oil is used in paint as vehicle.

Himanshu said: (Nov 19, 2016)  
Having a high content of di- and tri-unsaturated esters, linseed oil is particularly susceptible to polymerization reactions upon exposure to oxygen in the air. This polymerization, which is called drying, results in the rigidification of the material. The drying process can be so exothermic as to pose a fire hazard under certain circumstances. To prevent premature drying, linseed oil-based products (oil paints, putty) should be stored in air-tight containers.

Like some other drying oils, linseed oil exhibits fluorescence under UV light after degradation.

Rajni said: (Jan 8, 2017)  
Please give me exact answer because I am confused between linseed oil and turpentine oil.

Roshan D Urade said: (Jan 21, 2017)  
Linseed oil use as a vehicle or carrier, but double boil linseed oil dries quickly due to it use for external work.

Balram said: (Feb 6, 2017)  
Please give me the exact answer because I'm confused b/w vehicle and drier.

Vikas Tomar said: (Feb 21, 2017)  
Yes, vehicle is correct.

Shivam said: (Apr 18, 2017)  
Vehicle is the right answer.

Vishnu said: (Jun 19, 2017)  
For oil paint it is vehicle or carrier.

For ordinary paint it is drier.

Ashwani said: (Jun 27, 2017)  
Both Turpentine oil and linseed oil are drier because they dry the paint faster.

Denil said: (Jul 14, 2017)  
I think vehicle is the correct answer.

Denil said: (Jul 14, 2017)  
Litherage is used as drier.

Sreejit said: (Aug 17, 2017)  
Vehicle is correct one.

Vishnu said: (Oct 24, 2017)  
Vehicle is the correct answer.

Satyawan Radheshyam Suthar said: (Nov 13, 2017)  
Yes vehicle is the correct answer.

Jyoti said: (Dec 21, 2017)  
It's a vehicle.

Fal Udyog said: (Dec 27, 2017)  
Vehicle or carrier?

Please explain.

Sanjib said: (Dec 30, 2017)  
It's a Vehicle.

Sunil said: (Feb 13, 2018)  

Here the question is painting and linseed oil is used painting wooden work so the answer is right.

Naveen Nayak said: (Mar 18, 2018)  
Vehicle is the answer.

Viru Kapoor said: (Apr 3, 2018)  
Yeah, It is a vehicle.

Lakhan Singh said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
Vehicle is the correct answer according to p-422, 423.

Ref: SK Duggal.

Santosh Kumar said: (Jun 13, 2018)  
Linseed oil used in paint is called as "CARRIER".

Manish said: (Jul 16, 2018)  
Linseed oil is used as Vehicle in Paints.

Linseed oil is used as Solvent in Varnishes.

Nethra said: (Jan 4, 2019)  
Vehicle is the correct answer.

Aman said: (Jan 14, 2019)  
B) vehicle is the right answer.

Arjun said: (Jun 1, 2019)  
Linseed oil is thinner.

Patel said: (Jun 4, 2019)  
The correct answer is vehicle/carrier.

Masum Khan said: (Jun 14, 2019)  
The correct answer is vehicle.

Vehicle and carrier both are same they are use to same purpose that is for covering larger area without difficulty with small quantity of paint ad possible.

Ramchandra Khadka said: (Jul 26, 2019)  
The vehicle should be the correct one.

Anujkumargupta said: (Aug 4, 2019)  
Linsed oil used in paint vehicle.

Joms said: (Oct 22, 2019)  
The vehicle is the answer.

Engr Omid said: (Dec 9, 2019)  
Linseed oil as a vehicle. Turpentine oil as a drier.

Pranitadc said: (Jan 2, 2020)  
Linseed oil is a drying oil, meaning it can polymerize into a solid form.

Mynk said: (Feb 25, 2020)  

The correct answer.

Priya said: (Mar 12, 2020)  
Please can you send me a reference for this question?

Waleed said: (Mar 19, 2020)  
The vehicle is the right answer.

Soma Bharath said: (Jul 12, 2020)  
The vehicle is the right answer.

Sagi said: (Dec 9, 2020)  
The right answer is vehicle please.

Sunil Khatri said: (Dec 23, 2020)  
Linseed oil is used as vehicle and its liquid.

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