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Linseed oil is used in paints as
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Mazhar H said:   8 months ago
Vehicle is the right option.

DR Behera said:   8 months ago
Linseed oil is used as the vehicle is the correct answer.

Majeed khan said:   1 year ago
Binder is one of the major components of paint. It is also known as a vehicle. It is oil to which the base (solid powder like substance) is mixed. It is the liquid substance which holds the paint\'s other component together i.e. colour pigment, base, extender etc. & also binds it to the surface that is to be painted. It simply means it provides the durability, toughness & water proof-ness to the paint. It also helps to spread the paint ingredients uniformly over the surface to be painted.

Johny Sins said:   2 years ago
Vehicle is the correct answer.

Ganesh Raj Sharma said:   2 years ago
Vehicle is the correct answer.

Ashok said:   2 years ago
The correct answer is vehicle.

A.J said:   2 years ago
Please correct the answer.

Vehicle is the right answer.

The vehicle used in oil paints is- Linseed oil, Poppy oil, Nut oil, Tung oil.

Awomi said:   3 years ago
The Correct answer will be vehicle.

Elio said:   3 years ago
Carrier or vehicle is the same.

Linseed oil - carrier or vehicle in paint.

Red lead, litharge - Drier in paint.

Hareram sah said:   3 years ago
Linseed oil in paints used as vehicle.

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