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Turpentine oil is used in paints as

[A]. thinner
[B]. vehicle
[C]. base
[D]. drier.

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Bilal said: (Mar 5, 2014)  
Turpentine oil is use as a thinner and vehicle in paints reference book "Indian practical civil engineering hand book and Book of Building material and construction of Diploma of Associate Engineering Civil Technology.

Dipankar Ghosh said: (Jun 14, 2014)  
As per book of civil engineering by R Agor publisher khanna publisher, turpentine oil is used as thinner.

Subinsekhar said: (Oct 17, 2014)  
The two primary uses of turpentine in industry are as a solvent and as a source of materials for organic synthesis.

As a solvent, turpentine is used for thinning oil-based paints, for producing varnishes, and as a raw material for the chemical industry.

Shrishkumar Takwale said: (Nov 10, 2015)  
As per the reference cook "Indian practical civil engineering handbook and book of building material" the turpentine oil is used as thinner.

Rapipramod said: (Dec 15, 2015)  
Turpentine is thinner.

Kusuma said: (Mar 3, 2018)  
As per R Aghor, it is drier.

Rohit Singh Baghel said: (May 31, 2018)  
Turpentine is a thinner or solvent as per rangwala.

K Sunil said: (Oct 2, 2018)  
What is thinner? Can anyone explain?

Nibedita Jena said: (Jun 6, 2021)  
What is the actual meaning of turpentine?

Methyus said: (Aug 22, 2021)  
As per R Agor, turpentine is drier.

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