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Teak wood is suitable for
sports articles
railway sleepers
all the above.
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Samir said:   4 years ago
Right, Agree @Viru.

Rabindra said:   4 years ago
Nice, , thanks @Viru Kapoor.

Sanket said:   5 years ago
You are tight, thanks @Viru Kapoor.

Anuj meena said:   5 years ago
Teak wood not effected by termites so it can be used as railway sleepers.

Viru kapoor said:   5 years ago
Teak wood suitable for furniture.
Mulberry wood suitable for Sports Goods.
Deodar is suitable for railways sleepers.

Pawan said:   5 years ago
Deodar uses to make a plane table.

Mostly saal use in teak.

Garry said:   5 years ago
It can be used for all the purposes so the correct answer should be all the above.

Brajesh pandey said:   6 years ago
Railway sleepers =sal wood.

Amit said:   6 years ago
Railway sleeper - Deodar.

Aaditya gour said:   7 years ago
Yes, it can also be used for rail sleepers too.

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