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A piece of timber whose thickness and width are respectively 5 cm and 10 cm is called

[A]. slate
[B]. plank
[C]. board
[D]. strip.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

As Fisk said: (Nov 1, 2016)  
Why not plank?

Jack said: (Dec 24, 2016)  
It will be plank if it's thickness is more than 38mm and width more than 64mm.

Arvana said: (Jan 22, 2017)  
Thanks @Jack.

Owendrila said: (Nov 21, 2017)  
A piece of timber having-

Width and thickness both <5cm- Batten.
Thickness <5cm & width <=10cm- Strip.
Thickness <5cm & width >10cm- Board.

Skm said: (Jun 25, 2018)  
Thanks @Owendrila.

Trupti said: (Jan 25, 2019)  
Thanks @Owendrila.

Subinson005@Gmail.Com said: (Feb 25, 2019)  
Thank you @Owendrila.

Priyanka Shah said: (Feb 27, 2019)  
Thanks a lot @Owendrila.

Rinku said: (Nov 25, 2020)  
Thanks @Owendrilla.

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