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Good quality sand is never obtained from

[A]. river
[B]. nala
[C]. sea
[D]. gravel powder.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Vitthal said: (Mar 22, 2017)  
Why not nala?

Shubhashree Laha said: (Jun 4, 2017)  
In sea, the amount of salt is more than others.

Kshitij Desai said: (Sep 14, 2017)  
But in nala there can be more organic content. What is gravel powder?

Prakash said: (Oct 7, 2017)  
River is the suitable answer. Because various salt $ other base is dissolved in sea sand. Whichever is effective to strengthen of cement.

Manik said: (Nov 2, 2017)  
Read question carefully sea sand has never good quality because it contains salts.

Vijesh said: (Dec 19, 2018)  
Nala is the answer, Nala has organic matter which makes it more difficult to use in construction.

Nani said: (Jun 11, 2019)  
Nala is the correct answer.

Madhusmita said: (Dec 4, 2019)  
Sea sand contains salt. So sea is the right answer.

Vishvendra Meena said: (Dec 24, 2019)  
@Nala, because it contain organic matter which make it structure porous and reduce strength.

Ganesh said: (Feb 27, 2020)  
Nala is the answer because Nala contains more organic matter as well as a high percentage of silt so these sands should not be used for construction.

Shubh said: (Jul 20, 2020)  
Nala is the right answer because is to carry organic content.

Nikhil Chotaliya said: (Aug 8, 2020)  
Nala is the correct answer.

Isaak said: (Nov 8, 2020)  
Sea sand are sometimes used in construction. So, nala is the answer.

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