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The members which support covering material of a sloping roof, are
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SK SALAMUDDIN said:   2 years ago
I think Purlin is the right answer.

Fikalu said:   3 years ago
Purlin is the first support of EGA.

Engr. Noman said:   4 years ago
Battens don't support the covering material rather it helps in fixing the covering material.

Purlins are additional supports.

Rafter provides a base for supporting the roof covering. So the answer is correct 100%.

Vishnu said:   5 years ago
Sloping roof have no purloin it only comes in truss it has batten for support of rafter and the covering material support by rafter.

Indu said:   5 years ago
Even though purlin comes over a common rafter, the purpose of purlin is to help prevent common rafter from swaying. The support for roofing tiles is actually given by rafters.

Dinesh said:   5 years ago
Purlins rests over rafter. Where as sloping material is attached to purlins.

PRASENJIT said:   5 years ago
It should be common Rafter.

Toweb said:   6 years ago
Purlin is the correct answer.

Utsav said:   6 years ago
Purlins are supported on rafters.

Roof covering supported on purlins.

Subham behera said:   6 years ago
What do mean by purlins, rafters, battens, struts, tiles? Please explain.

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