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The line of intersection of the surfaces of a sloping roof forming an external angle exceeding 180°, is

[A]. ridge
[B]. hip
[C]. valley
[D]. none of these.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Manish Kumrawat said: (Feb 12, 2014)  
What is hip ?

Mustapha said: (Jun 29, 2015)  
A sharp edge of a roof from the ridge to the eaves where the two sides meet.

Ray said: (Jul 25, 2018)  
Why the option is not ridge?

Akash said: (Apr 22, 2020)  
Less than 180c = valley.

Exceeding 180° = hip.

Jahangir Khan said: (Dec 24, 2020)  
Good, thanks @Akash.

Anil said: (Jan 13, 2021)  
Less= Hip.

Exceeding= Valley.

Shailendra said: (Aug 25, 2021)  
Yes, you are right @Anil.

Less = hip.
Exceed= valley.

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