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Arches in the form of masonry arcs struck from more than four centres, are called
two curved arches
gothic arches
ogee arches
drop gothic arches.
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Abhijith Nataraj said:   4 years ago
Venetian Arch also has 4 centres.

Navneet said:   6 years ago
But, Why 4 centre arch?

JOYSEN said:   6 years ago
An ogee is a decorative line formed by two connected curves. The upper curve is concave, or bowed inward like the inside of a bowl. The lower curve is convex, or curved outward like part of a sphere. When the two curves are linked together they form an S-shaped curve.

An ogee arch, then, uses two ogees to form an arch. They meet at the top of the arch in a point.

Faraz said:   7 years ago
An arch with two ogee curves meeting at the apex is called ogee arch.

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