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If (φ) is the angle of repose of soil of weight w kg/m3, the horizontal pressure p at a depth of h metres per metre length of wall, is
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Mubashir sheheryar said:   4 years ago
None of the above is corrent because the pressure exerting by the wall is passive pressure which is equal to wh^2/2 (1+sinφ) (1-sin φ).

Prakash lamichhane said:   4 years ago
Given Answer is correct because it is asked about horizontal pressure at depth h not the horizontal force per unit length.

M. Waseem said:   2 years ago
It is asking about per meter length, not total. And for per meter length given answer is correct.

Abdullah khan said:   2 years ago
A is the correct answer because they are not asking about force it is about pressure.

Muhammad numan said:   7 years ago
According to me, it should be wh^2/2(1-sinφ)(1+sin φ).

Fazli waheed said:   3 years ago
I think B is the correct answer.

Manish Thakur said:   6 years ago
Option B is the Correct answer.

Sahil kumar mandal said:   3 years ago
Option B is the correct answer.

Arslan Kausar said:   3 years ago
Option B is the correct answer.

Ragini said:   7 years ago
Yeah, b is the right answer.

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