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The foundations are placed below ground level, to increase
stability of structure
all the above.
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Abraham Clifford Allaputa said:   4 years ago
The solidity and firmness of structure depend upon the stability of the substructure (Foundation), so the type of foundation you used depends on the weight of a building and the nature of the soil distributing the live or dead load. Actually what carries the weight of a building is not the foundation, but the substratum. The foundation distributes and stabilize the weight of a building to the Soil substratum which carries the weight of the building.

Apurva said:   6 years ago
See, the Deep foundation the depth is greater than its width and type of deep foundation are pile, pier & caisson foundation. Whereas, the shallow foundation is the foundation with less depth and more width. And the type of shallow foundation is grillage (used in low bearing soil), combined (tow or more footing either rectangular or trapezoidal), strap (beam), raft or mat (Reinforced mat).

Eng macx said:   7 years ago
Totally when wrong foundations are selected for different buildings it results into a collapse of the structure thus all foundations must be designed to carry every expected weight and drive the forces to the deep soil strata hence improving the stability of the structure.

Diganta gogoi said:   1 decade ago
The main purpose of the foundation is to distribute the load of the superstructure to the sub-bearing strata and depth of foundation is below the ground level to prevent the external force like wind load etc. And hence to stabilized the structure.

Rupesh said:   1 decade ago
The main purpose of the fond. Is to provide stability to the structure.

It anchors the structure in the soil.

Its another main function is to distribute the load of superstructure uniformly to the subsoil.

Prashantsoni said:   9 years ago
A foundation is shallow if its depth is equal to or less than its width.

The Deep foundations are simply called foundations. The depth of the foundation is more than the width.

Anuradha kumari said:   6 years ago
The part of the building constructed below the ground level is called substructure. It is known as foundation, it transfer the entire load of building to the soil.

NIRANJAN S said:   1 decade ago
A foundation is the lowest and supporting layer of a structure. Foundations are generally divided into two categories: shallow foundations and deep foundations.

Venkatesh babu RJ said:   9 years ago
Generally to increase the anchorage of the foundation. Because, We increase the anchorage automatically satisfy the sliding and overturning of the foundation.

Eng.Jean Bosco said:   4 years ago
Foundation increase the stability of a structure. It is substructure part and must be designed carefully as it can affect whole structure.

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