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The foundation in which a cantilever beam is provided to join two footings, is known as
strip footing
strap footing
combined footing
raft footing
none of these.
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Pranavi said:   1 decade ago
Strip or Isolated : for each column, one foundation(i.e; 1 - 1).
Combined : for two or more columns, one foundation(>=2-1).
Raft or Mat : for two or more columns, one foundation(>=2-1).
Strap : between two footings one beam is provided.

Difference b/w combined and raft is:

If the area of excavated soil >= 50% of total area of construction site,
Then go for "RAFT" footing else combined footing.

Kavya said:   1 decade ago
For every structure or construction basically we need foundation.

It is a substructure i.e; it lies below the ground level.

Foundation can transfer the superstructure loads to the ground.

Nasir hussain said:   1 decade ago
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Abera said:   1 decade ago
What is foundation?

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