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The foundation in which a cantilever beam is provided to join two footings, is known as
strip footing
strap footing
combined footing
raft footing
none of these.
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Er. Quaiser Alam said:   8 years ago
A foundation is the bottom most part which transfers the load of the super structure to subsoil.

Amir khan said:   9 years ago
A foundation is the structure or building that transfer the load below the earth surface.

Lambodar rana said:   9 years ago
Strap : Between two footings one beam is provided in to strap.

Mohammad Zreika said:   9 years ago
I am doing a take off on a residential building, I have measured the E, I beams and now moving onto the slab. Are the I beams generally above ground so I do not have to allow for this concrete again? Please advise.

Tigab said:   9 years ago
Why strip footings?

Kash said:   10 years ago
How does strap footing look like is it the only footing that can be used to bear or carry the load of a cantilever?

Vicky said:   10 years ago
Difference between strip and strap footing ?

Jitender singh said:   10 years ago
Strap : between two footings one beam is provided.
Foundation can transfer the superstructure loads to the ground.

Anand said:   1 decade ago
When two isolated footings are combined by a beam with a view to sharing the loads of both the columns by the footings, the footing is known as Strap footing?

These footings are required if the loads are heavy on columns and the areas of foundation are not overlapping with each other.

Engr. saiful said:   1 decade ago
The foundation in which a cantilever beam is provided to join two footings, is known strap footing.

Because strap foundation is between two footing one beam is provided.

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