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The forces which meet at one point and have their lines of action in different planes are called
coplaner non-concurrent forces
non-coplaner concurrent forces
non-coplaner non-current forces
intersecting forces
none of these.
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Mallikarjun H said:   5 years ago
Some imp systems of forces.

Coplanar forces - The line of action of all forces lies in the same plane,
Non-coplanar forces - The line of action of all forces do not lie in the same plane,
Collinear forces - The line of action of all forces passing through the single line,
Concurrent forces - The line of action of forces passing through the single point.

Dr.M.Sekar said:   6 years ago
Forces are not in one plane so non co-planar.
Forces meet at one point so concurrent.
So non co-planar concurrent forces.

Avakash Patel said:   8 years ago
If two line cross each other then they must in one plane other then given plane.

So answer is E. None of these.

Kiggundu Martin said:   8 years ago
Then what are Co-planer forces?

Ankur padalia said:   9 years ago
Co-planer means different planes and meet one point its means cocurrent forces.

Uvaraj.m said:   10 years ago
Because coplanar force means the force meet towards that point or away from that point. And force direction in different planes. So it is called as non coplanar & concurrent forces.

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