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Latitude of a place is the angular distance from
Greenwich to the place
equator to the poles
equator to the nearer pole
equator to the nearer pole along the meridian of the place
none of these.
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M Tabish said:   12 months ago
Latitude is the angular distance of a point on earth's surface measured from the centre of earth.

KHETESH bhati jalore said:   2 years ago
Agreed with you @Sai Rao.

Bhashi said:   3 years ago
It is parallel to the equator.

Christine said:   4 years ago
Perpendicular from the equator to the place.

Sai rao said:   7 years ago
No, it's angle is measured from centre of the earth so the answer is none of these.

Flevi said:   7 years ago
So, it's equator to poles right?

Apurva said:   8 years ago
Latitude is an angle which ranges from 0 degrees at the Equator to 90 degrees (North or South) at the poles.

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