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If the equatorial distance between two meridians is 100 km, their distance at 60° latitude will be

[A]. 1000 km
[B]. 800 km
[C]. 600 km
[D]. 500 km
[E]. 400 km.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Danny said: (Nov 6, 2016)  
The distance of the two meridians at 60 deg latitude must be lesser than 100 km. How did they calculate 500 km?

Tesfaalem said: (Nov 26, 2016)  
Give me the formula to solve this question.

Rahul Dubey said: (Jul 28, 2017)  
Answer should be 50km. Formula for LATITUDE IS Lcos (value of angle).

Abhik said: (Mar 6, 2019)  
Each degree of latitude is 111kms.

Anomie said: (Apr 3, 2020)  
1000 km in the place of 100km, then it would be 500km.
Latitude = Lcosθ = 1000x 1/2=500.

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