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The ratio of shear stress to shear strain is called

[A]. bulk modulus
[B]. shear modulus
[C]. modulus of rigidity
[D]. modulus of elasticity

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Anant Nema said: (Jul 7, 2016)  
No, according to me A is the right answer.

Pratiksha Chavan said: (Oct 12, 2017)  
It's both shear modulus and modulus of rigidity.

Nugis said: (Aug 26, 2019)  
It will be Modulus of elasticity.

Vinay said: (Nov 6, 2019)  
Both B and C are correct answers.

Sushant Mishra said: (Nov 16, 2019)  
In materials science, shear modulus or modulus of rigidity, denoted by G, or sometimes S or μ, is defined as the ratio of shear stress to the shear strain: The derived SI unit of shear modulus is the pascal (Pa), although it is usually expressed in gigapascals (GPa) or in thousands of pounds per square inch (ksi).

Shrinath Kumar said: (Mar 12, 2020)  
Option D is the correct i.e. modulus of elasticity.

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