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Nylon-6 is manufactured from

[A]. caprolactum.
[B]. adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine.
[C]. maleic anhydride and hexamethylene diamine.
[D]. sebasic acid and hexamethylene diamine.

Answer: Option A


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N.Sivachandran said: (Jul 25, 2013)  
Nylon can prepared by anionic polymerization reaction with the help of caprolactam.

Sachin said: (Sep 30, 2013)  
Nylon prepared by self condensation of caprolactam.

Dsdt6Yt said: (Sep 17, 2014)  
Nylon is prepared from condensation reaction of adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine.

Kiran Rana said: (Jun 10, 2015)  
Nylon6 manufactured from caprolactum by ring opening polymerization, reaction takes 4-5 hrs for starts the polymerization at 533k in the presence of nitrogen gas.

Asd said: (Jul 19, 2016)  
Nylons (poliamides) can be synthesized by two different ways.

The first method is ring opening polymerization and caprolactam is used.

The second method is polymerization of diamine with diacid. Naming is made by telling number of carbons in diamine and number of carbons in diacid.

As it can be understood from its name that there is only one digit appears. So Nylon 6 is manufactured from carpolactam.

Trushal B said: (Aug 14, 2020)  
Nylon 6 prepared from caprolactam. And nylon 6 6 prepared from adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine.

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