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Pick out the wrong statement about the smoking tendency of various hydrocarbon constituents of kerosene.
Smoking tendency of hydrocarbons increases in the order : paraffins → isoparaffins → naphthenes → aromatics.
Smoking tendency of paraffins increases with decrease in its molecular weight.
Smoking tendency of naphthenes decreases with its increasing molecular weight & also on addition of double bond.
Smoking tendency of aromatics decreases with increase in its molecular weight.
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Raveendra kumar said:   3 years ago
Option D is the correct answer.

Flynn said:   1 decade ago
Be careful also, higher smoking tendency will have lower smoke point. It is because smoke point is defined by the height of hydrocarbon that is calculated by mm typically where is also the place of hydrocarbon that will be turned into smoke. Aromatic compounds will have lower smoke point and paraffin's will have higher smoke point.

Ashutosh said:   1 decade ago
The aromatics have ring structure with double bond, so it is difficult for them to have combustion process so they are first converted into smaller hydrocarbon which are easily combustible like propane, ethane.

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