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Diesel used in naval applications has a minimum cetane number of
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Rupesh said:   4 years ago
Question itself is wrong. Standard not mentioned like BSlll, BSlV according to standard cetane number will change.

For BSlV Navy grade min 48 cetane number required.

Chandan chaudhary said:   6 years ago
Diesel vehical accept cetane no is 42 to 55.

Dileep Indian said:   7 years ago
Please give explanation.

Rani said:   8 years ago
Cetane number 40-55 is used to operate diesel vehicles.

Viettan K said:   9 years ago
According to some specifications for Diesel oil, I see the minimum limit is 46. Please advice me where is 45 from?

Priyesh Sinha said:   1 decade ago
Regular normal diesel has cetane number 48.
Bio diesel 51.
But how come its so sure that for NAVAL application the cetane number is 45?

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