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A typical yield of diesel in straight run distillation of crude oil may be about __________ percent.
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Svs ganesh said:   2 years ago
In straight run distillation mostly the product will be more gasoline. There for it comes decreasing order of percentage of products from top to bottom.

Fahed Ansari 0712 said:   2 years ago
Diesel - 8.
Kerosene - 10.
Neptha - 6.

Er Bharat Singh said:   3 years ago
Yes, it should be B.

Dibya said:   3 years ago
18% is the right answer.

Trushal said:   4 years ago
Yes, right @Unnati.

Unnati said:   4 years ago

It states that from crude oil distillation we get 8% (yield) of Diesel.

Dipak said:   5 years ago
20% is the right answer.

Viettan K said:   9 years ago

I select B (18%), it is wrong. Thanks your share!
Please advice me where is the remain 92% of Diesel oil from?

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