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Which is the most undesirable component in kerosene ?

[A]. Aromatics
[B]. i-paraffins
[C]. n-paraffins
[D]. Naphthenes

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Karthik Raj.T said: (Jun 7, 2012)  
The aromatics will decrease the smoke point of kerosene. Hence it is undesirable.

Avinash said: (Oct 16, 2012)  
Aromatics delay the combustion and are not preferable for spark ignition.

Viettan K said: (Sep 20, 2014)  
How many percent does kerosene contain aromatic? How to reduce them?

Suryadatta said: (Dec 13, 2014)  
Aromatics are present in petrol and diesel also.

Sud said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
The aromatic are heavy that's why its smoke point is higher.

Joshi Mahesh said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
Aromatics removed from kerosene to increase smoke point of kerosene. So aromatic is undesirable for kerosene.

Chandan said: (Dec 21, 2017)  
Aromatics increase the only octane number.

Jhunjhun Kumar said: (Apr 24, 2018)  
Aromatics are present in crude oil and it increases the RON. The highest RON present in crude is in the aromatic compound.

Harsh Panchal said: (Mar 13, 2019)  
Aromatics will remove by some processes and improve smoke point from 18 to 22.

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