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Which of the following additives improves the cetane number of diesel ?

[A]. Amyl nitrate
[B]. Ethyl mercaptan
[C]. Napthenic acid
[D]. Tetra ethyl lead

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Devendra Soni said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
I think, option A is the right answer.

Vijay Parmar said: (Oct 28, 2016)  
The answer should be A.

Normally Alkyl nitrates (principally 2-ethylhexyl nitrate[5]) and di-tert-butyl peroxide is used as additives to raise the cetane number.

Anuj said: (Apr 8, 2017)  
Option A is the right answer.

Deenbandhu said: (Jul 24, 2017)  
I think A is the right answer.

Upendra Sharma said: (Sep 14, 2017)  
Option (A) is the right answer.

Arvind Gupta said: (Sep 20, 2017)  
Option D is correct according to section-7.

Darwan Singh said: (Mar 2, 2018)  
Correct answer is A) cetane improver is 2ethyl hexyl nitrate and commonly known as 2-EHN.

Brijesh said: (Aug 26, 2018)  
Option A is right.

Amit Pavar said: (Jan 21, 2019)  
I think option D is correct.

Hetprakash said: (Jul 17, 2019)  
Option A is correct.

Shivam said: (Feb 20, 2020)  
Alkyl nitrates (principally 2-ethylhexyl nitrate) and di-tert-butyl peroxide are used as additives to raise the cetane nuber.

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