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Pick out the undesirable property for a solvent meant for dewaxing of lube oil.

[A]. Complete miscibility with oil.
[B]. High solubility of wax in the solvent.
[C]. Both (a) and (b).
[D]. Neither (a) nor (b).

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Ashok said: (Nov 11, 2013)  
Both A & B may not be undesired property at a time. If it is, then the solvent will not be right choice. Otherwise separation is not possible.

Chandan said: (Jun 26, 2014)  
High solubility of wax in the solvent can be a desirable property as the wax solubility increases, separation rate follows it.

Hunter said: (Nov 14, 2014)  
Crazy answer. If both oil and wax have a complete miscibility and high solubility in solvent so how do we can separate oil and wax?

I think that solvent should have a high selectivity with distinct oil or wax.

Gaurav said: (Nov 10, 2016)  
Its answer is A. It should not be completely miscible with lube oil but should miscible with wax.

Sai said: (Mar 19, 2018)  
I think the right answer is A.

Which is the right answer? And why?

Ramesh Vishawkarma said: (Nov 17, 2019)  
D is the right answer. Because both A and B are desirable. According to theory from OP Gupta book pre page no 167,

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