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At minimum reflux ratio for a given separation

[A]. number of plates is zero.
[B]. number of plates is infinity.
[C]. minimum number of the theoretical plates is required.
[D]. separation is most efficient.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Surya said: (Aug 17, 2014)  
At minimum reflux ratio maximum number of trays minimum reboiler and condenser load.

At total reflux i.e., D=0 minimum number of trays and maximum reboiler and condenser loads.

Ramesh said: (Jun 27, 2015)  
Why we call minimum reflux, can we call it zero reflux?

Himanshu said: (May 9, 2020)  
At minimum reflux ratio number of plates infinites. When reflux ratio is increased theoretical requirement plates is decreases.

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