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In case of evaporators, liquid entrainment results primarily due to

[A]. high vacuum in the evaporator.
[B]. high evaporation rate.
[C]. foaming of the solution.
[D]. high heat transfer rate.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Bajwa said: (Dec 26, 2014)  
A stable foam accompanies the vapor out of the evaporator, causing heavy entrainment. In extreme cases the entire mass of liquid may boil over into the vapor outlet and be lost.

Fareed Khan said: (Jan 9, 2019)  
Some liquid having foaming tendency, during Mass transfer operations foam form on the packing surface, it traps the vapour, these vapours convert into liquid form, that's causes to decrease mass transfer rate between people phases and liquid entrainment on packing surface.

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