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With the increase of temperature, the Col-burn jH factor

[A]. increases.
[B]. decreases.
[C]. remains unchanged.
[D]. may increase or decrease ; depending on temperature.

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Rohit said: (Sep 17, 2014)  
jH and temperature are directly prepositional.

Prasoon said: (Aug 14, 2016)  
Viscosity decreases with temperature and since Jh is inversely proportional to viscosity^ (1/3) , it increases.

Krrish said: (Oct 11, 2017)  
What is Col-burn jH? Explain.

Arindam said: (Mar 26, 2018)  

Col-burn jH means Chilton and Colburn analogy, which is represented as JH= f/2.

Jishnu said: (Apr 9, 2018)  
JH directly proportional to convective heat transfer coefficient and viscosity^(1/3).

And it is inversely proportional to density and thermal conductivity so we can not say whether it will decrease or increase with temperature, it will depend on fluid and its properties.

Nithin said: (May 10, 2021)  
Then what is the correct option? Please explain me.

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