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Baffles in the shell side of a shell and tube heat exchanger

[A]. increase the cross-section of the shell side liquid.
[B]. force the liquid to flow parallel to the bank.
[C]. increase the shell side heat transfer co-efficient.
[D]. decrease the shell side heat transfer co-efficient.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Babu said: (Dec 28, 2013)  
Baffles increases velocity by reducing pressure there by due to increased turbulence heat transfer coefficient increases.

Naintara said: (Sep 29, 2016)  
As the induce turbulence so it will increase heat transfer coefficient.

Ratthod Rahul G. said: (Mar 24, 2019)  
The flow pass by the heat transfer coefficient.

Nirav Chavda said: (Feb 4, 2020)  
Yes, cause of baffles Turbuly creat so increases h.t.c.

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