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In a forward feed multiple effect evaporator unit

[A]. viscosity of liquid is highest in first effect.
[B]. transfer from effect to effect is done by pumps.
[C]. no pump is required to withdraw the product from the last effect.
[D]. none of these.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Ruhan said: (Mar 27, 2017)  
In a forward feed multi-evaporation not used a pump and this evaporator used for cold feed and damage feed at high temperature.

Abhi said: (Jun 12, 2018)  
I think the correct answer is C.

Madhu said: (Sep 28, 2018)  
I think C is the correct answer.

Naimish said: (Feb 8, 2020)  
In forward feed evaporator, no pump requires only b/w evaporators but there is always a pump require to feed & withdraw the product from the arrangement. @Abhi @Madhu.

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