Chemical Engineering - Heat Transfer - Discussion


The heat transfer co-efficient in film type condensation is __________ that for dropwise condensation.

[A]. greater than
[B]. lower than
[C]. is same as
[D]. half

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Gajanan Katkar said: (Oct 23, 2019)  
Condensation is the change of phase from the vapour state to the liquid or solid-state By conduction and convection reduces the heat transfer rate considerably compared with dropwise condensation. This is the reason that the heat transfer rate of filmwise condensation is lower than dropwise condensation.

Icet said: (May 5, 2020)  
When a film is formed in filmwise condensation than that film of liquid provides additional resistance to heat flow. So, due to that additional resistance, the heat transfer coefficient reduces.

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