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Gross and net calorific value of a fuel will be the same

[A]. if its ash content is zero.
[B]. ifits carbon content is very low.
[C]. if its hydrogen/hydrogen compound content is zero.
[D]. under no circumstances.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Hamza Abbas said: (Aug 22, 2014)  
Net calorific value (NCV) supposes that the products of combustion contain the water of combustion to the vapor state.

Gross calorific value (GCV) supposes that the water of combustion is entirely condensed.

Since water in any state is hydrogen compound so its absence can make them same.

Yasir said: (Nov 27, 2014)  
Gross CV = Net CV-Lf*(%Hydrogen content)*0.09. If H = 0% then Gross CV = Net CV.

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