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The fluid property, due to which, mercury does not wet the glass is
surface tension
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Ashitosh Kopurwad said:   3 days ago
Mercury is highly cohesive so it has a very high force of attraction between similar molecules. So mercury doesn't wet the glass.

Santosh said:   6 months ago
I think Cohesion is the correct answer.

RAJKUMAR PEGU said:   9 months ago
The correct answer is Cohesion.

Dhanush said:   1 year ago
Surface tension is a property that arises due to the intermolecular forces of attraction among the molecules of the liquid. In the case of mercury taken in a glass tube, adhesive forces are weaker than cohesive forces. So, the mercury molecule does not wet the glass.

Ramodh kr Gautam said:   2 years ago
Yes, Adhesive forces are right.

Sagar said:   2 years ago
Cohesive forces between molecules cause the surface of a liquid to contract to the smallest possible surface area. This general effect is called surface tension.

So, option A right.

Suraj said:   2 years ago
Mercury does not wet the glass because the cohesive force with the drops is stronger than the adhesive force between the drops and glass.

Rimsha said:   2 years ago
Adhesive forces are right.

Raveendra rajpoot said:   3 years ago
Cohesive force is the right one.

Mishree Lal said:   3 years ago
Surface tension is correct. I agree.

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