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When the momentum of one fluid is used for moving another fluid, such a device is called a/an
jet pump
acid egg
none of these
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No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Surya Teja said:   8 years ago
Mainly there are nozzle and venturi in the jet pump set up. The nozzle is filled with the water before the operation. The performance of the jet pump starts with the flow of filled water from the nozzle to the venturi to upwards. This upward flow of water creates a vacuum at the bottom side of the venturi and results in the suction of the liquid present in the source.

Nishant said:   8 years ago
Please explain which 2 fluids they are using and which one providing the momentum to other as far as I can see there is only 1 fluid in the jet pump (water).

Deepak kumar said:   4 months ago
Velocity is directly prop to under root of delta P (pressure drop).

So, in my opinion, the right answer is a steam jet ejector.

Suman said:   1 decade ago
This a vacuum jet ejector & works under principle.

Velocity is directly prop to under root of delta P (pressure drop).

Anmol said:   6 years ago
Steam is used to provide momentum and vapour is second fluid you can see this in vaccum distillation column.

PRAFULLA WALDE said:   10 years ago
Jet pumps generally have 2 types of fluid for work. Common jet pumps are steam jet ejector works on vacuum.

Kirti baba said:   6 years ago

I used Jet pump but not use 2 fluid for each others. Please explain.

Ritesh Gupta said:   1 year ago
I think the Steam jet ejector is the correct answer.

Arun said:   5 years ago
Steam or air is used as driving force in jet pumps.

Kanmuse mahesh said:   7 years ago
Jet pump is absolutely correct answer. I agree.

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