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In case of turbulent flow of a Newtonion fluid in a straight pipe, the maximum velocity is equal to (where, Vavg = average fluid velocity)
1.2 Vavg
1.5 Vavg
1.8 Vavg
Answer: Option
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KRR said:   3 years ago
B is the correct answer for pipe flow.

Prasanna said:   6 years ago
At Re=10^6, Uavg/Umax = 0.817, hence Umax=1.22Uavg. This is as per Prandtl's 1/7th Power Law. So option B is correct.

Ramesh vishwakarma said:   7 years ago
Option (c) is correct.

Ramesh v said:   7 years ago
(C) Umax= 1.5 Uavg (turbulent flow).

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