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Pick out the wrong statement.
The form drag is dependent upon the occurrence of a wake.
The shear stress at any given cross-section of a pipe for steady flow (either laminar or turbulent) varies linearly as the radial distance.
An ideal fluid is the one, which has negligible surface tension and obeys the Newton's law of viscosity.
Existence of the boundary layer in fluid flow is because of viscosity of the fluid.
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Akshay said:   3 years ago
B is also wrong. In turbulent flow, the velocity profile is constant outside the viscous sublayer, so shear stress variation should be 0.

Surya Teja said:   8 years ago
Ideal fluid does not experience surface tension or experiences negligible surface tension. But, ideal fluid is irrotational, incompressible and non-viscous. So, there is no point of talking about Newton's law of viscosity.

Vashisth said:   9 years ago
Fluids that obey Newton's law of viscosity are known as Newtonian Fluids. For a Newtonian fluid, viscosity is entirely dependent upon the temperature and pressure of the fluid.

Examples: Water, air, emulsions.

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