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Schedule number of a pipe, which is a measure of its wall thickness, is given by
1000 P'/S
100 P'/S
1000 S/P'
10000 P'/S
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Adesh Bharat Patil said:   4 years ago
Schedule no -> (1,000)(p/s).

Sajjad said:   6 years ago
Schedule Number = (1,000)(P/S).

P = the internal working pressure, psig.
S = the allowable stress (psi) for the material of construction at the conditions of use.

Vivek said:   8 years ago
Schedule Number = 1,000 x (P/S).

Where P = internal pressure, pounds-per-square-inch-gauge (PSIG) and S = allowable fiber stress (ultimate tensile strength of the steel in psi).

SIRAJUDDIN said:   9 years ago
S = Allowable fiber stress (ultimate tensile strength of the steel in psi).

Sameer said:   1 decade ago
A schedule number indicates the approximate value of

Sch. = 1000 P/S


P = service pressure (psi)

S = allowable stress (psi)

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