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For pipe flows, head is proportional to __________ at constant capacity(where, D = pipe diameter).
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Abhishek Kumar said:   3 years ago
May be p directly proportional to 1/n3d5.

Satyajit said:   5 years ago
Which type of flow should be given? Here it is not given.

Rakesh said:   7 years ago
Head loss in pipe given by= 4flv^2/2gd.
And here we can write Av=Q,
Replace v by Q/A you will get the answer.

Kedar said:   7 years ago
By Huygens equation head in pipe flow is inversely proportional to the square of the diameter of the pipe, it can applicable at laminar as well as turbulent flow, so may be the answer is B.

Kalpi said:   7 years ago
Answer should be D.

Dehua said:   8 years ago
@Majibul. You are not talking about head in pipe flow. In pipe flow. The answer given is correct. "C".

Majibul said:   8 years ago
How is it 1/d^5?

H = D^2 * N^2.

D is the right answer. Am I right?

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