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In which of the following cases, it is possible for flow to occur from low pressure to high pressure ?
Flow of liquid upward in a vertical pipe.
Flow through a converging section.
Flow of air downward in a pipe.
Impossible in a constant cross-section conduit.
Answer: Option
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Sanjoy karmakar said:   3 years ago
Flow-through a divergin section is the right answer.

Owais said:   4 years ago
Pressure through a converging section increases in supersonic conditions. Decreases otherwise.

Bhagath said:   6 years ago
Flow through a diverging section should be the answer.

So, in this case it should be option D.

Faizan said:   6 years ago
In converging section area is greater at the start so is pressure and as flow passes through small area pressure is lower in that region. Flow is actually from higher pressure to lower pressure how option B can be the answer?

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