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Which of the following fertilisers contains the least percentage of nitrogen?

[A]. Liquid ammonia
[B]. Urea
[C]. Ammonium phosphate
[D]. Ammonium sulphate

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Sajjad Khan said: (Jun 4, 2018)  
Answer is D.

Gurmukh Singh said: (Jul 1, 2018)  
Right answer is Ammonium sulphate.

Tanmay Shah said: (Jan 1, 2019)  
Ammonium phosphate contains 10-12% of Nitrogen.

So, the answer is Right.

Vikram Singh said: (Jul 17, 2019)  
% of N2 in ammonium phosphate is 28% and in ammonium sulphate is 21%.

So the right answer is D.

Collins said: (Jun 13, 2020)  
Right @Vikram Singh.

The answer is D.

Dev Chauhan said: (Aug 8, 2020)  
The right answer is ammonia phosphate contain 17% of nitrogen.

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