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From among the following, choose one which is not an exothermic process.
Methanol synthesis
Catalytic cracking
Ammonia synthesis
Oxidation of sulphur
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Anurag shende said:   6 years ago
Due to using catalyst for cracking it required less tempreture and pressure so obvious at less temp and pressure the it is not a exothermic.

Kiran said:   2 months ago
Exothermic means heat is released while the catalytic cracking process requires heat.

Therefore it is not an exothermic reaction.

HARENDRA SINGH said:   6 years ago
Because the craking energy is already given to proceed the reaction, so there is no chance for the exhothermic process.

Lokesh Bonagiri said:   3 years ago
The term cracking is defined as the braking down of hydrocarbons into simpler form using thermal or catalyst.

Sunny saini said:   1 decade ago
Cracking requires an energy for process completion.

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