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A batch adiabatic reactor at an initial temperature of 373°K is being used for the reaction, A B. Assume the heat of reaction is - 1kJ/mole at 373°K and heat capacity of both A and B to be constant and equal to 50J/mole.K. The temperature rise after a conversion of 0.5 will be
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Ustaad said:   3 years ago
CP x dT = dH x Conversion.
Use this formula to calculate dT.
The answer would be 10.

Abhinav said:   7 years ago
Using adiabatic operation formula, Xa = (Cp*change in Temp)/-change of heat of reaction.

We can get final temp. As 383 K, so temp rise is (383 - 373) K = 10, So option B is correct.

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