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The rate constant of a first order reaction depends on the
concentration of the reactant.
concentration of the product.
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Kirub said:   1 month ago
The rate constant of a reaction is strongly dependent on temperature. As the temperature increases, the rate constant generally increases due to the higher energy and collision frequency of the reactant molecules.

The relationship between the rate constant and temperature is described by the Arrhenius equation, which states that the rate constant is exponentially related to the temperature.

Pawan Kumar Sharma said:   9 months ago
As we know,

So, the rate constant depends upon the temperature only.

Shubham said:   11 months ago
The rate constant depends only on temperature, its unit is time for 1st order reaction.

Adnan Ahmad said:   3 years ago
As per the formula of rate constant 1-n.

If we put n=1, then the value of the unit becomes zero and hence anything raise to the power zero is 1.

The only thing left is time.

Noor muhammad said:   6 years ago
First order. Rate constant only depends time not depend on concentration.

Saurabh yadav said:   7 years ago
According to levenspiel book.
K= (concentration)^(1-n) *(time)^(-1).
for first order, 1-n = 0.
So, rate constant depends only on time.
The correct answer is (d).

Ravi said:   7 years ago
You are right @Vikash.

Both temp and concentration.

Emeka said:   8 years ago
As given by the Arrhenius equation.

JEETENDRA said:   9 years ago
Rate constant of first order reaction depend only on time.

Vikash said:   9 years ago
Here the given answer is wrong, first order reaction depends on the temperature as well as concentration r = k*Ca.

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