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When the density of the reaction mixture is constant in a chemical reaction, the ratio of the mean residence time to space time is
> 1
< 1
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Saurabh yadav said:   7 years ago
It is an ideal case, as per the levenspiel popcorn example when there is a uniform distribution of material in reactor then the mean residence time remain constant because.

1) there is a constant rate of input as well as output.

2) a fixed amount of accumulation. i.e. no dead zone, bypassing, channelling etc.

On the other hand, space time is the time required to treat a reactor volume completely,
So space time == mean residence time.

RAJ KISHOR said:   8 years ago
Please tell me the reason behind this?

Gemechu Bekeshe said:   1 year ago
Very well said, Thanks @Saurabh Yadav.

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