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Vernier calipers can not be used to measure the

[A]. I.D. & O.D. of the shaft.
[B]. thickness of parts.
[C]. depth of holes.
[D]. clearance between two mating surfaces.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Chuks said: (May 30, 2014)  
Vernier caliper can't measure depth of a hole.

Arion said: (Oct 12, 2015)  
Clearance between two mating surface is measured by filler gauge.

Prathyusha said: (Jan 18, 2020)  
We can measure the depth of a hole using its scale.

Salahuddin said: (Feb 29, 2020)  
How vernier can measure the depth of a hole.

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