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In troposphere (the weather domain), the temperature 't' at height 'h' above the sea level in metres is given by (where, temperature at sea level is 15°C and t is in °C.)

[A]. t = 15 - 0.0065 h
[B]. t = 15 + 0.0065 h
[C]. t = 0.0035 h - 15
[D]. t = 15 - 0.0035 h

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Vaibhav Kumbhar said: (Jul 14, 2015)  
Please explain that.

Saravanan said: (Jul 27, 2015)  
Can you please explain why it is?

Emeka Obi said: (Sep 22, 2015)  
Explain it.

Jerry said: (Nov 23, 2015)  
Please give explanation.

Sandip said: (Aug 16, 2016)  
Please give explanation.

Shamshe Alam said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
Please given the explain.

Harshini said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
Explain the answer.

Anand said: (Sep 6, 2016)  
With the increase in height from the sea level in troposphere, the temperature decreases.

Yash Agrawal said: (Jul 23, 2017)  
On which basis, we can decide between Option-A and Option-D?

How is the height factor decided?

Dhruvil Sitapara said: (Jul 25, 2017)  
Please, Explain this.

Ankit Sahu said: (Oct 26, 2017)  
I think it's based on lapse rate, 6.5 degree c per 1 km.

Devendra Kumar said: (Feb 15, 2018)  
Please explain it in detail.

K.Maheshkumar said: (Feb 19, 2018)  
Please explain it.

Punithasenthilkumar said: (Dec 4, 2018)  
Please explain this.

Dips Gund said: (Jan 22, 2019)  
In troposphere according to lapse rate as increase in altitude of 1km 6.5 c temp decreases.

Abhishek Kumar said: (May 5, 2019)  
In the troposphere, the variation of temperature with altitude is given by the equation
T = T0 " λ h.

Where T0 is the sea level temperature, T is the temperature at the altitude h and λ is the temperature lapse rate in the troposphere.

λ = 0.0065 K/m in the troposphere.

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