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Regeneration of molecular seive requires it to be heated to a temperature of about __________ °C.

[A]. 80-120
[B]. 200-300
[C]. 600-800
[D]. 1000-1100

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Mahesh D Parikh said: (Feb 1, 2015)  
For regeneration 200-300 degree C temp is enough, no need to heat above 1000 degree.

Neeshoo Maurya said: (Sep 17, 2016)  
For regeneration of molecular seive 200 - 300°C temperature is enough. This is the right answer.

Mahipal Singh said: (Feb 8, 2017)  
Methods for regeneration of molecular sieves include pressure change (as in oxygen concentrators), heating and purging with a carrier gas (as when used in ethanol dehydration), or heating under high vacuum.

Regeneration temperatures range from 175°C to 315°C depending on molecular sieve type. In contrast, silica gel can be regenerated by heating it in a regular oven to 120°C (250°F) for two hours.

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