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Which of the following statements about a String is correct?
A String is created on the stack.
Whether a String is created on the stack or the heap depends on the length of the String.
A String is a primitive.
A String can be created by using the statement String s1 = new String;
A String is created on the heap.
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Varma_life@yahoo.com said:   1 decade ago
String is a value types, this are implicitly derived from System. ValueType. This class actually overrides the implementation in System. Object, the base class for all objects which is a reference type itself.

Value types are stored in the Stack.

Subhajit said:   8 years ago
String is always created in string buffer. So no stack, no heap is required for string. String is primitive because primitive data type which are understandable by respected language compiler and string is one of that data type.

Sami said:   10 years ago
String and object are reference types. While int, float, bool and all other are value types. Value types are stored on stack as well as heap. But strings are always stored on heap.

Gloops said:   9 years ago
@Varma_Life, please have a look at this :


Yakesh said:   1 decade ago
Ya rajkumar is right, string, object are reference types. All remaining built in data types are value types.

Sudarshan said:   8 years ago
String is reference type.

String s; where s is heap. So string is created on the heap.

Narasimha said:   8 years ago
String is always reference type so it can stored in heap memory.

Rajkumar said:   1 decade ago
No wrong string is reference type its value store in heap.

Gloops said:   9 years ago
Really sure a String is not a primitive ?

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