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Which of the following unary operators can be overloaded?
  1. true
  2. false
  3. +
  4. new
  5. is
1, 2, 3
3, 4, 5
3 only
5 only
Answer: Option
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RaviKhagga said:   5 years ago
True, false -> unary operators.

Vladimir said:   6 years ago
Are "true" and "false" unary operators in C#? Please tell me.

Lew said:   7 years ago
True, false are unary.

Nagarjuna said:   7 years ago
Answere 3 is right. Because in the question asked Unary.

Suchi jain said:   9 years ago
In this option true, false, new, is, not a operators. Only one operator is there unary (+) which we can overloaded. So answer + is right.

Veyronash said:   1 decade ago
Only the unary, binary and comparison operators can be overloaded.

Keeping in mind that the comparison operators occur in pairs.

Shree said:   1 decade ago
It is not possible to overload member access, method invocation, or the =, &&, ||, ?:, checked, unchecked, new, typeof, as, and is operators.

Midhun Sankar said:   1 decade ago
New and is are keywords not operators

Sundar said:   1 decade ago
C# Operator overloading:


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