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Which of the following is NOT a Bitwise operator in C#.NET?

[A]. &
[B]. |
[C]. <<
[D]. ^
[E]. ~

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Arthi said: (Sep 7, 2011)  
Becase its left shift operator.

Saranya said: (Oct 18, 2011)  
All are bitwise operators.

Naresh said: (Dec 7, 2011)  
Saranya is correct.

Ishan said: (Dec 27, 2011)  
<< shift operator are not properly bitwise operator it is bitwise operation.

Sundar said: (Jan 3, 2012)  
C# Operators:

Logical (boolean and bitwise): & | ^ ! ~ && || true false

Shift: << >>

Relational: == != < > <= >=

Aishik said: (Jun 27, 2012)  
<< this is a left shift operator but it works on bits. It shifts and no.of bits. Hence it is also a bit wise operator.

Carmel Raj said: (May 7, 2014)  
Shift Operator is also bitwise operator so all are Bitwise operator.

Sudesh Kumar said: (Jul 28, 2014)  
Here all operators are bit wise operators.

Harshith said: (Nov 9, 2014)  
It is a bit wise operator.

Vikrant said: (Feb 10, 2015)  
All above are bitwise operators, below is a reference for shift operator.

Raiz said: (Jun 1, 2015)  
Wrong question. All are bitwise operators (<< is a left shift bitwise operator).

Raj Barnwal said: (Aug 20, 2015)  
Yes, all are bit wise operators in C# as well as C and C++.

Rohit said: (Aug 26, 2015)  
This answer is not accurate. << is left shift operator in C#.

Karan K said: (Jan 4, 2016)  
Yes, left shift key.

Ipsita Pani said: (Mar 17, 2016)  
All are bitwise operator.

Waleed said: (Apr 2, 2016)  
It should contain an additional option All of above, and it will be the right answer.

Ashiq Vkd\ said: (Apr 23, 2016)  
All the given operators are the bitwise operators.

Hed said: (Jun 18, 2016)  
All are bitwise operator. << is too.

if x==0001 and x<<=2.

then, x=0100.

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