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Which of the following statements are correct about the C#.NET code snippet given below?

   int[][]intMyArr = new int[2][]; 
   intMyArr[0] = new int[4]{6, 1, 4, 3}; 
   intMyArr[1] = new int[3]{9, 2, 7};

[A]. intMyArr is a reference to a 2-D jagged array.
[B]. The two rows of the jagged array intMyArr are stored in adjacent memory locations.
[C]. intMyArr[0] refers to the zeroth 1-D array and intMyArr[1] refers to the first 1-D array.
[D]. intMyArr refers to intMyArr[0] and intMyArr[1].
[E]. intMyArr refers to intMyArr[1] and intMyArr[2].

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Sridhar said: (Jun 9, 2018)  
How? I am not getting.

Amit said: (Oct 14, 2018)  
Option A- intMyArr is a reference to a 2-D jagged array.

I think it is correct.

Krishan Chandra said: (Dec 11, 2019)  
I think Option-A is correct.
Can anyone explain How option-C is correct?

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