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The elements of union are always accessed using & operator
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Sachin said:   3 years ago
Structure and union used in dot operator.

Lingam said:   6 years ago
Pointer to structure and pointer to union accessed in operator( ->).

Pointer to structure declaration is called "self refferal structure".

Ramya said:   6 years ago
Dot operator is used.

Priyanka rathod said:   7 years ago
Yes. Operator is used.

Renuka said:   7 years ago
Structure and union accessed using the dot operator.

Salim said:   7 years ago
Structure, union, enum r access using the .(dot) Operator.

Sudha said:   9 years ago
Yes! I agree with all friends comments.

Ashutosh said:   1 decade ago
Structure and union always accessed using .(dot) operator.

And pointer specified for a string in a structure is accessed by (->).

Ruthu said:   1 decade ago
Structure and union always accessed using. (dot) operator only.

Megha said:   1 decade ago
They are accessed using .(dot) Operator.

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